Nicknames of our Era

Colita  Dugas wrote some amusing antidotes about things she remembered about Newgulf, Boling, and the surrounding area. One of those she titled “What’s In A Name”. It starts with the sentence: In our town and surrounding area, it seems men had nicknames. Dot Kennedy, Ace and I have elaborated some on her list.

 Some pertained to size:

Fatty Buller, Slim Pumphrey, PeeWee Horn, Shorty Marquess, Shorty Alcorn, Shorty Strane, Big Ed Martin, Stumpy Rehak, Dumpy Hammons, Tiny Mayfield, Skinny Lindsey, Tubby Calloway, Bones Jones, Bones Mahavier, Boney Simpson, Boney Brothers, Big Dave Simpson.

Other names tied to hair or eye coloring:

Red Lasater, Red Wilson, Red Page, Red Cook, Red Stunz, Red Johnson,  Red Dog Weaver, Booger Red Stern, Strawberry Roan O’Quinn,  Pinky Richardson, Pinky Pinkerton, Blackie Cowart, Blackie Wallace, Blue Shelton, Black-eye Matula, Rusty Cravey, Cotton Hensley, Cotton Peeples, Cotton Kubosh.

There were  Sons and Sonnys and Juniors:

Sonny Anderson, Sonny Henserling, Son Pumphrey, Sonny Mahavier also know as Junior Mahavier,  Junior Jones, Lee Junior, Aubry Junior and I think that Charlie Boy Allen and Johnnie Boy Franz and Trey Herschap fits in here.

 Bos, Buddys, Butches Bubbas and Chucks:

Bo Seay, Bo Graves, Bo Goree, Bo Ganske, Buddy Jones, Buddy Galler, Buddy Darby, Buddy Quijas, Bud Campbell, Butch Burns, Butch Tripp. Butch Miller, Chuck Stunz, Chuck Altenburg, Bubba O’Quinn, Bubba Altenburg, Bubba Daily.

 Quite a few Docs were in the house: Doc Bencowitz, Doc Richardson, Doc Mc Peak, Doc McBride, Doc Drenner, Doc Woolsey.

 Also there were: Ham Kemp, Hammerhead Page, Hatchet Page, Hiney Zhir, Popeye Shelby, Booth McCarson, Fidder Wilson, Painter Martin, Bunker Hill, Cat Tiner, Coonrod Brown, Deacon Page, Boogie Sterling. S0-S0 Sterling, Kinky Wilson, Bathead Bedford, Tater Edwards, Corky Prather, Cattle King, Stogie Graves, Buckshot Lane, Chick Churchhill, Spider Gajdosik, Tink Stunz, Meatball Winn, Boots Smith, Boots Harris, Hotrod Hlavinka, Britches Valenta, Dutch Kalka, Parakeet Huffman, Mouse Davidek, Candy, Double E Roades, Butcher Fulton, Boogie Broughton, Guz Richardson, Lucky Moritz, Hoot Rider, Moose Mainer, Pigears Hall, Cornbread Foehner, Putts Richardson, Pap Henson, Tootie Brown, Tooter Kelly, Toopie Richardson Jiggs Hillen, Jinks Landrum Micky Rehak, Micky Mecklengurg, DoDo Jackson,Cooter  Kemp, Buzzard Long, 6 Pack Smolik, Bull Montana Quijas, Rocky Quijas, Baby Padia, Cookie Cook, Hamburger Campos, Chopper Serrill, Chilcken Man Kacal, Smoke Smolik, Cat Lopez, Dunk Nelson, Snake Warnecke, Tweet Smith, Killer Cox, Blinky Cox, Big Daddy Nelson, High Pockets Herrington, Scooter Soderman, Kenny Muck Watkins, Squeaky Former, Jocko Rehak.


If we have left you out we apologize. I kinda always wanted a nickname until Billy Watkins named my friend Lois Talbert  “Blabber” so maybe the rest of us should all be called “LUCKY’